Flavorful wine created from Aomori grapes

The climate of Mutsu City on the Shimokita Peninsula closely resembles that of the wine producing region of Burgundy in France, and is therefore said to be well-suited to the cultivation of grapes for wine making. Taking advantage of the cool climate this region grows pinot noir grapes, which were once said to be unsuitable for cultivation in Japan, and “Shimokita Wine” is produced here in the northernmost winery on Japan’s main island of Honshu. The type of yeast, fermentation period, temperature, and various other factors are carefully managed, and with the exception of just a few products, all wines are manufactured without heat sterilization.

Also, in 2014 Hachinohe City started growing its own wine grapes, resulting in the first vintage of “Hachinohe Wine” being produced in 2018. A rich variety of wines are produced, including red, rose and sparkling wines. 

Various other wines are also produced in Aomori, including wine made from Steuben grapes that are a specialty of Tsuruta Town, wine made from apples, of which Aomori is the largest producer in the country, and wine made from Goshogawara Red Apples, a special kind of red apple produced in Goshogawara City. 

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