Black Garlic

Naturally fermented and aged over a long time

Aomori black garlic has attracted considerable attention from professional chefs in recent years. It is currently exported to 25 countries including the United States as well as Hong Kong, with increasing exposure at international trade fairs.

Aomori black garlic is 100% made of quality white garlic grown in Aomori prefecture, without additives or artificial coloring.

White garlic is aged and fermented for three to four weeks under the right temperature and humidity to change into black garlic. The change in color is caused by the Maillard reaction (a chemical reaction between an amino acid and sugar) similar to that in chocolate. After aging and fermentation, the sugar content in the garlic increases, giving the garlic a texture of dried fruits and sweet-sour flavor. In addition, black garlic is easier to eat for children and the elderly as it does not have the same peculiar smell and irritating effect.

It is commonly eaten as-is, mixed in confectionaries, and used as a secret ingredient in many dishes.

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